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Join the movement of CEOs and businesses who are showing courageous leadership in their call for ambitious and urgent action on the climate and ecological emergency.

With your help, we will amplify and deliver inspirational Letters about the Earth to the people who need to see them most.


You also have the option to make your Letter available for us and other creatives to use for non-commercial creative purposes such as in performances, artwork and film.  This is known as a "creative commons" license which allows people to remix, adapt, and build upon your work, and ensure you remain credited.

We are inviting bold and engaging ways to tell a new collective story.


It calls on everyone, and it starts right here, with your Letter to the Earth.

How would you like to take part in Letters to the Earth?

Please submit your Logo and a picture of the Letter writer for use on our social media channels and media purposes (optional). If there are any issues email it directly to

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Upload Image

Thanks for submitting!




  • Support our campaign with a donation.

  • We produce education resources, community workshops, performances, literature and panel conversations in response to the climate and nature emergency.

  • Any donation, small or large, goes a long way for us to continue our work.


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