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Letters to the Earth are meant for the communal space. They are a call to action. In writing and sharing your Letters to the Earth, new conversations and new possibilities can emerge. We encourage you to:



 your own letter to the earth, to think beyond the human narrative and bear witness to the scale of the planetary crisis. 


a letter-writing or reading event - in your workplace, school or community.


 your words. Read your letter out in groups, in community spaces, in protest. Let your voices be heard. 

For the launch of Letters to the Earth in April 2019 we received up to a thousand letters in our inbox. They were sent to over 50 venues and community spaces worldwide for them to organise their own readings on a day of joint action, Friday 12th April, in the run up to International Rebellion.

Some venues opened their doors free of charge to the public, others live-streamed and others took to the streets to read the letters aloud. High profile readers alongside young people and local communities were involved in the presentation of these letters. Some venues held open conversation as part of the day's activity to bring people together in the face of this crisis; some wrote their own letters together.


Interested in taking part?

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