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When the future feels so uncertain, how can we move forwards with vision and with courage? And with care?


Writing a Letter is an opportunity to bring all your fears, your frustrations and your love, to process what is happening to the world and to create something new. 


What world you are dreaming of?


Your Letter can be written to or from anything on Earth  - another species, person, place or moment in time. It could be the Earth, the future, a person in a position of power, the sea, an animal. 

It's an opportunity to be creative. It can be a letter, or it can be something poetic, or dramatic. It can also be a drawing or another form of art if that's how you'd like to express yourself.

It's an opportunity to share your feelings, your visions and messages for a better world - a world where our collective and planetary well-being is placed front and centre. What do you want to give voice to?  

Take a moment. Put pen to paper. And write.

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