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Writing a Letter to the Earth can be a simple and powerful way to deepen our connection with the natural world and the people we are sharing it with.


We have created resource packs with tools, prompts and exercises to help you bring people together to explore their responses to the planetary crisis and create more connections in your community. 


If hosting your own Letters to the Earth event, please use graphics in this folder for your promotion and connect with us on social media via our hashtag #LettersToTheEarth and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We hope this will lead to many more people writing and sharing their Letters and their messages in the months to come! 

Click on the below to download our toolkits

education toolkit 4-11 v2
community toolkitseducation toolkit 12-16

Our resources can be used in a variety of settings and can be adapted to suit an approach which feels most suitable for you:


  • at schools: for teachers, parents or students to come together 

  • at home: with friends and family

  • with neighbours: as part of a local group or gathering

  • at a local community meetup, eg a sports or interest group, or in faith-based settings

  • at your workplace or with your organisation

  • as part of a cause or project you care about

We offer these freely as a way to help people connect and build their messages for a better world.


We’d love to hear how you use them and what works for you! 

Send us your stories and pictures to