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Letters to Power

We are experiencing multiple emergencies.

Pandemic, the loss of lives and livelihoods, systemic racism, soaring inequalities, the closure of community spaces, the erosion of trust with those who hold power, increasing global temperatures and the alarming rate of species extinction. 


Our economic and political systems are still prioritising profit over people and planet. Yet these systems have never been as exposed or vulnerable as they are now. 


We need to raise our voices and hold to account those whose power, influence and decisions are determining the course of our lives. The health of our communities and our planet depend on it. 


What needs to be said? Who needs to be heard? How can we bring about change?


Write your Letter to Power. This is an opportunity to give voice to your emergency -- however that emergency manifests for you or your community. At this political and social crossroad, what change is now possible and who holds the power to make that change?


This is an open invitation and is open to interpretation — a “letter” can be written, spoken word, a song, a piece of public art or performance.


Send your letters to those who have the power to influence. Post them, record them, stream them, publish them in newspapers or online and present them in public wherever you are from 1st September 2020, the day that UK parliament resits after summer recess and the day before the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill is tabled.

You can use these social media graphics and #LetterstoPower.

See our Facebook gallery of Letters to Power here

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