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We're Recruiting! Join our Social Media Team


From 11th Oct - 20th Nov (6 weeks)

1.5 days a week


Option to come to Glasgow with travel and accommodation included for working during 27th Oct - 13th Nov.

Possibility of expanded role, subject to funding.

Apply by 9am Wednesday 6 Oct by sending your CV/profile and up to 350 words on your suitability and interest in the role to

Interviews Friday 8 Oct

Imagine a world based upon a new story of care, belonging and collective agency, to protect and regenerate the Earth

Letters to the Earth is a global campaign that invites people to write and share a letter to or from the Earth, future or past generations, other species , or people in positions of power. It platforms a diversity of voices and experiences to raise awareness of the climate and nature emergency, connect people and stimulate the will to act.

Via the simple, accessible and personal invitation to write a letter, people have the opportunity to connect with their innermost concerns and cares, with nature, and with a wider sense of community and purpose when they share their letters in person and via the hashtag #LetterstotheEarth.

We have a range of activities and events in the run up to and during COP including creating short films, running workshops and producing performances. Join us at this exciting moment for the campaign, to make impact at the most important climate conference of our lives.


Those who aren’t usually heard, through to those ‘in power’ - are connecting, dreaming big, and taking courageous action to regenerate the planet.


Thousands of new letters, messages and creative interventions are made, exchanged, seen, and heard around the globe.


  • Personal transformation: by writing, sharing, and receiving a letter, people everywhere make more time to contemplate their personal relationship to nature, the planetary crisis and community; experience a shift in identity as someone who cares deeply about what is happening; and feel more empowered to act - bottom-up change


  • Political transformation: by writing or receiving a letter, or being sent key messages, those with power/agency to influence policy make decisions that support the restoration & protection of nature - top-down change


With the support of the Campaign Assistant and Campaign Coordinators:

  1. Build our strategy for reaching and engaging existing and new audiences

  2. Target audiences, organisations and individual influencers, with an invitation for people to write and share Letters to inspire others to do the same

  3. Build presence and momentum with both organic and scheduled content


To develop a Social Media Strategy, in line with our Campaign Strategy, which achieves our Goals in the run-up to COP: mass global engagement, amplification of Letters, and the emergence of a new ‘collective story’ based on care, belonging and collective agency to protect and regenerate the Earth.

To evolve a ‘voice’ for Letters to the Earth which follows our values of being authentic, personable, creative and courageous, which can speak to our target audiences.

To develop a Narrative and Atmosphere that suits both the campaign in the run-up to COP, and continues LTTE’s life beyond the conference too.


To grow and maintain existing and new relationships and audiences on social media:

  • Manage and oversee our social media platforms and engagement through likes, tags, comments, messages etc

  • Build our Target Audience (see below) by connecting with and following relevant groups, organisations, and individuals

  • Identifying and building links with key messengers and influencers in various fields


To create and schedule creative posts appropriate for our ongoing activations / callouts / inspirations:

  • Write a Letter

  • Submit / Post a Letter (to be sent to COP)

  • Use our Education / Community Toolkits

  • Share your Letter

  • Event Promotion

  • Share quotes from Letters

  • Share / comment on / repost any inspiring content that comes through via the hashtag LettersToTheEarth

  • Share inspiring content to facilitate creative and thoughtful responses around themes such as: people’s relationship with the Earth, their emotional response to the crisis, and their visions for change and a better future

  • To reflect our partners and their involvement where appropriate in our content and messaging via credits, social media tags and logos.


  • Experience running social media campaigns across Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook

  • Knowledge and awareness of the unfolding climate and nature emergency

  • Strong copywriting skills

  • Commitment to environmental movement building, social equality, climate justice and change-making

  • Enthusiasm and passion for joining a small team


  • A belief that “new conversations” are needed between social and political groups that are typically not engaging with each other in relation to the climate crisis (see more in our “Audience” section below)

  • Experience using Canva to create graphics

  • Software for editing video for short social content

  • Skilled at graphic design



A predominant UK base with some global outreach. We want to position LTTE as a global campaign that maintains a strong relevance for British audiences, especially in the context of COP26 and the role that the UK conservative government will play in convening the negotiations.

Letters to the Earth has up until now been successful at engaging the progressive activist spaces. There is still more work & potential to explore here - in addition to connecting with voices and communities that have been traditionally difficult for environmental campaigners to reach - rural, conservative, patriotic, from ‘‘ethnic minority and working-class backgrounds.

We are focusing on 3 main areas which will drive our partnerships/outreach/trusted messenger strategy.

  • A - youth / parents / families / education - a belief that all generations, and all people working specifically with parents and young people, can work hand in hand to affect real change.

  • B - policy / business - those with access to resources and connections that can activate significant change in the political & business world.

  • C - “climate aware, not-yet-activated” - research shows the majority of people in the UK are aware that we have a problem. Many feel stuck or unable/unwilling to engage. Based up research at Climate Outreach, we want to reach these people and through Letters to the Earth help them see that there is a way:

Backbone Conservative: Are more traditional and fearful yet share our sense of optimism for the future and desire for leadership.

Civic Pragmatists: anxious about the future; feel demotivated by a lack of political ambition on climate change and other social issues

Loyal Nationalists: Proud to be British, understand the reality of climate change as connected to localised inequality and ordinary people.

Disengaged Traditionalists: Feel disillusioned and far fewer emotions of any kind about climate change. Recognise tangible environmental risks like air pollution, just need to connect with the need for action.

Established Liberals: Confident, with a global outlook and drive for innovation and success.


In February 2019, in collaboration with Culture Declares Emergency and in response to the Youth Strikers and local councils declaring climate and ecological emergency, we invited the British public to put pen to paper and write a creative response to the crisis: a Letter to the Earth. It was open for all to take part and open to interpretation.

Within weeks the message was heard around the world and within 1 month a thousand letters of love, loss, hope and action began to pour in – from 4 year olds to great grandparents, artists, scientists, nurses. Musicians such as Yoko Ono, journalists such as Rebecca Solnit and poets such as Kae Tempest contributed their words. Actors such as Andrew Scott (Fleabag), Paapa Essiedu (I May Destroy You), Alex Lawther (The End of the F**cking World) and Emma Thompson read letters at live events and on camera.

Over 50 venues worldwide from Zambia to Lithuania, and including National Theatre Wales, Shakespeare’s Globe and the Royal Court hosted readings of the Letters with their communities on a day of joint action, Friday 12th April, a day of global youth strike.

Letters have continued to be written and shared online, in protest, in the classroom, at festivals and in community.

Our campaign has facilitated hundreds of cultural organisations and artists to Declare Climate & Ecological Emergency as part of Culture Declares Emergency; the first sector to ‘Declare’ globally.

In April 2020 we issued a second callout for ‘Letters in Lockdown: Letters of Love in a Time of Crisis’ and live-streamed 5 new short films featuring over 50 letters sent to us read by a global community of readers including Alison Steadman, Adam Bakri and Christopher Bailey, Arts & Health Lead at World Health Organisation. An audience of over 17,000 watched.

In September 2020 we delivered a ‘Letter to Power’ to Prime Minister Boris Johnson made up of 25 young people’s letters calling for their future to be protracted in law, and which was performed by youth activists and performers in Parliament Square to an audience including MPs Caroline Lucas and Alex Sobel, who both spoke their response.

In November 2020 we were nominated for Best Campaign at Julie’s Bicycle Creative Green Awards.


In November 2019 HarperCollins published a hardback book containing 100 of our Letters with an introduction by Emma Thompson and illustrations from Lost Words’ Jackie Morris. Contributing authors include include Yoko Ono, actor Mark Rylance, poet Kae Tempest, writer Mary Annaïse Heglar, author Rob Cowen, ex Bishop Richard Holloway, co-founder of UK Student Climate Network Daniela Torres Perez, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion Dr. Gail Bradbrook, peace activist Joanna Macy, Stop Ecocide's Polly Higgins, Caroline Lucas MP, Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf, Head of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and indigenous voices from the Amazon and Philippines.

The book went on to win Bronze Award at the New York Festival Radio Awards and was named Non-Fiction Book of the Month by NB Magazine. It has since been published in America and has sold up to 15k copies.

Our paperback was published in February 2021 featuring 2 new letters in response to the pandemic, from Booker Prize winning Nigerian author Ben Okri and Skins star Freya Mavor. Our PR teams secured live interviews about the book with Ben Okri on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme and Sky News, an audio recording of musician Blythe Pepino’s letter featured on the BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Freya Mavor’s letter featured in the Big Issue, and Ben Okri wrote an exclusive for the Daily Express.


‘By healing the Earth, we heal ourselves. By loving it, we love ourselves. And by telling its stories, we tell our own, and ensure that they will continue. All power to this amazing project’ - JOANNE HARRIS

‘A beautiful book calling for us to look after the place we call home ... Read it, then buy it for everyone you know’ - Red Magazine

‘The personal, the poetic, the dramatic, the salvo, the call to action; it’s all here, in this timely anthology’ - JINI REDDY, The Ecologist

‘A wonderful little book’ - JEROME FLYNN

‘Makes sense of the climate crisis in a whole new way’ - MAGID MAGID

‘An extraordinary book. Reading it will remind you of our enduring connection to this planet we call home, and the urgency with which we need to respond to the climate crisis. The letters speak of how much we stand to lose if we fail to take action now. I encourage you to read them’ - STEPHEN DALDRY, director of Billy Elliot

Letters to the Earth is a compelling ode to the elemental and fundamental aspects of our planet ... a must-read for anyone who lives on earth’ - BELLA LACK, conservationist and Born Free Youth Ambassador

‘An outpouring of grief, anger, hope, love and loss – a collec- tion of letters penned by many thousands have been distilled into this powerful book’ - BBC Wildlife Magazine

‘Occasionally I come across books that have the power to influ- ences lives, and this I would count as one of them’ - BEN EAGLE, Thinking Country ‘Each short passage reflects the many dimensions of the crisis

‘Each short passage reflects the many dimensions of the crisis.. An important testament of the times’ - Glass Magazine

‘Reading Letters to the Earth will inspire you to think more deeply about our impact on the world’ - Sunday Post

‘As Sophocles and Shakespeare and Moliere and Ibsen and Brecht wrote plays as interventions into the major political crises of their worlds and of their time, so we now need our writers to record and reflect this global challenge but, more than that, to help us understand what to do about it, how to prevent climate disruption from destroying so much that the west, the east, the north, the south have struggled to create over millennia. The time has always been now’ - DAVID LAN, writer, producer, and former Artistic Director of The Young Vic Theatre

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