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The simple act of writing a letter can help us find ourselves again -- and each other.


Letters to the Earth is a call to action. A chance to come together.

In writing and sharing your Letters to the Earth, new conversations and new possibilities can emerge.


We encourage you to:



your own letter to the earth, to think beyond the human narrative and bear witness to the scale of the planetary crisis.


a letter-writing or reading event - in your workplace, school or community.


 your words. Read your letter out in public; share on social media using #LetterstotheEarth; send your letters to those in positions of power. Let your voices be heard.

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Interested in taking part?

Our Resources page can help you.

If you're a creative, an organisation or a school and would like support bringing Letters to the Earth to your communities, get in touch.

If you're outside of the UK and would like support bringing the campaign specifically to your country, let us know!


We take bookings to run events and workshops to creatively engage groups in response to the climate and ecological emergency. We also partner with creative producers across all mediums to create performance and art.

Write to us at

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