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Now that you've written your letter, do you want to share it for others to experience

Thousands worldwide have shared their Letter - with their communities, politicians, on social media, in public, in print.


How can your letter play a part in bringing about a better world?

In your community


Can you organise an event where you can read or present your Letter to spark conversation between people? Who would you like to be there? Could you invite politicians or other people with power and influence to make change?

Where could you publicly display your Letter for all to see? Could the letter be turned into a work of art - a key message painted or displayed in public, on notice boards for example?

Read or share your Letter with your neighbour, friend or colleague and inspire them to write their own.  


In the post


Is there someone you want to send your letter to, either in the post or by email? Could you invite them to write back?

Perhaps it's someone who has a position of power in your organisation, local area or country? Could you organise your and other peoples' letters to be sent to your local politician so they know your concerns?  


You can post your letter, a picture or video of you speaking/presenting it on social media using the hashtag #LettersToTheEarth. Join the hundreds online who are part of a growing story. 


Instagram: @letterstotheearth_

Facebook: @letterstotheearth 

Twitter: @letterstoearth_

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