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Calling all young people in the UK to have their voice heard! Weds 8th Sept

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

As schools and parliament return after the summer break, we will be amplifying young people's Letters: taking them to the Palace of Westminster to have them exhibited, read aloud and printed in the press so as to put pressure on those in power to act for the future of our young.

Weds 8th, 4.30 - 6pm: Join our Lobby HERE!

On September 10th, two proposed laws in the UK, the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill and the Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill, will each have their second readings in the House of Commons. Both bills aim to legislate to put our young people’s futures at the heart of how the UK is governed, to ensure we can build a healthier, fairer and more resilient society.

We want to hear from young people of all ages about the world they want to see and live in.

For the opportunity to be a part of this national story please submit your Letters via our online submission portal or email them to

Send us your Letters by 31 August 2021, and if you're a teacher in school, send your pupils' letters to us by 9am, 8 September 2021.



What could the world look like if action was taken?

Imagine we could breathe in fresh air and smell nature, and the stench of traffic pollution were a thing of the past? What if we were able to rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity to zero?

Imagine if all your friends could afford to live in dry, warm and healthy homes? What if our world could be not only greener, but fairer and more equal? What if poverty and discrimination was replaced with mutual respect and community?

Imagine discovering all the different kinds of creepy crawlies, flying insects, bees and birds that our parents saw when they were your age?

Imagine you could go swimming in the sea and not get your legs tangled up in plastic waste or gulp toxic waste that had been dumped in the water?

Imagine if all toys and gadgets had a label on them that said: ‘Handle the Earth and its creatures with care’?

If you could say anything to your MP what would you say? How can you speak up for the Earth and all beings?


Check out our education and community resources for more inspiration to write your own Letter and invite others and your schools to get involved.


This is our chance to make a difference

In the run up to COP26 we will continue to be gathering and amplifying Letters from everyone of all ages from around the world so as to demand greater global action on the climate and ecological emergency. If you're an educator, we encourage you to plan to use our education resources to engage your young people!

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