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Earth Day Every Day

The Earth is suffering. We are suffering.

The continued burning of fossil fuels is causing extreme weather events, ocean acidification, and deaths due to air pollution.

Temperatures are rising. Crops are failing. Natural habitats are being destroyed. Species are dying.

Climate anxiety grows.

We must confront the scale of this planetary crisis so that we can make deep and lasting change.

In writing a Letter to the Earth we can connect with our place in the world and our responsibility to defend it. In finding time to pause, we can allow ourselves to dream and start building a better future for us all - one of care, justice and balance with the Earth.

Earth Day has been celebrated on 22nd April annually since 1970. This year's theme was to ‘Invest in our planet’.

This requires all of us to play our part to act with imagination and courage.

Everyone. Everywhere: Now is the time to renew your commitments or start taking action. We can't afford to delay.

Spread awareness and celebrate the Earth.

See more of the letter submissions we've been sharing across our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Activating your voices...

Thanks to the Gulbenkian Foundation and The Climate Coalition, we've been running a programme of creative workshops across the UK to unleash peoples' imaginations in response to the Earth crisis. Below are some highlights from Norwich, Durham, Hastings and Birmingham.

Watch back our Letters to the Event event at Norwich Arts Centre to see what we could bring to your community...

Next up we'll be at the Roundhouse London to run a workshop for young artists....

Your World Your Voice: Last Word Festival @ Roundhouse Sunday 12th June 1.30 - 6.30pm 18 - 25 yr olds What does the climate and ecological emergency mean to you? What does the future look and feel like? What changes can we make? And what does the Earth have to say about it all? Following an open conversation with guest artist-activists including poet Zena Edwards about their work, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your own responses to the crisis through creative writing and spoken word.

Following the workshop you will have the opportunity to perform your work to an invited audience.


Our workshops are a space to find community and inspiration. "I feel inspired to start voicing my concerns" - Led McConnell, Durham "Excellent workshop - so well facilitated - allowing expression, shared feeling and empathy, leading to empowerment" - Sinead Codd, Hastings If you'd like to invite us to run a workshop for your group or team, get in touch at


From our friends Earthrise Studios and Choose Earth...

CHOOSE EARTH, is a campaign in collaboration with film-makers Alice Aedy and Jack Harries' Earthrise Studios, standing with Brazilian indigenous leaders fighting for the future of our planet. Whilst Indigenous communities are only 5% of the world's population, they protect 80% of global biodiversity.

Choose Earth exists to resource the incredible frontline defenders who put their lives at risk to protect crucial ecosystems and preserve life for all.

Watch Jack Harries read his Letter out live on Earth Day at our pop-up writing station and open mic at UAL Central St Martin's Earth Fair:


How you can be involved from wherever you are...

Transform your grief to love; your rage to action. Write Your Letter. Change Your World.

"We see you holding the crumbling world in one hand and the germinating seed of life in the other. We know you are listening"

- Claire Rousell

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