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Respond to Covid-19: Letters of Love in a Time of Crisis

In these moments of separation, stillness and unknown, Letters to the Earth is an opportunity to reconnect and for a new story to emerge.  

What do you want to say? What needs to be heard? For our key workers, neighbours, faraway friends and family. For yourself, for others and for the Earth: Letters of love, support and hope are needed. Take a moment, from wherever you are. And write your Letter to the Earth.

These letters are for you to keep, to give and send (safely), to put up in your window for others to read and to share on social media via #LetterstotheEarth


Letters that were emailed to us as part of this callout featured in a series of short videos that premiered on Earth Day 22nd April 2020 featuring special guest readers including Alison Steadman. Watch HERE. 

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